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Alex Udinov
Image Alex
Biographical Information
Full name: Alexandra Udinov
Status: Alive
Residence: Udinov Mansion (former)
Alias: Alex
Occupation: Sex slave (former)
Owner of Zetrov (former)
Field Agent
Organization: Division
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue-Gray
Significant Others: Owen Elliot (Boyfriend) Sean Pierce (Boyfriend, deceased) Nathan (former Boyfriend) Thom (Love interest deceased)
Parents: Nikolai Udinov

Katya Udinov

Relatives: Nikolai and Katya Udinov and Sergi Semock
Character Information
Nikita franchise: Nikita (CW series)
Portrayed by: Lyndsy Fonseca
Also portrayed by: Eliana Jones
First appearance: Pilot
Appearance Count: All

Alexandra Udinov is the daughter of Nikolai Udinov and Katya Udinov. Her father owned a company named Zetrov and was assassinated by Nikita, though she was saved by her as well. Once Nikita rescued her, she sent her to one of Alex's father's friends to be protected. Instead, he sold her to a sex slave ring. Years later, Alex escaped Russia, making it to America. She then encounters Nikita, who tells her of Division and trains her so that together they could take out Division.


Alex lived in Russia on her family's estate. Her father had taught her how to survive. His teachings were strict. He once told her that he had indeed killed before but only to protect his family. On the night her father died and assuming her mother as well, she hid underneath her bed while flames enveloped her home as she watched her father die. This event causes traumatic flashbacks. Being a sex slave has gotten her addicted to drugs which, Nikita helps her break when training her.

Season 2Edit

Once Amanda takes over Division, Alex works with her to get revenge on the man that ordered the hit on her family, Sergei Semak, her father's best friend, in exchange for bringing in Nikita. She agrees to do so because she had just found out that Nikita was the one who pulled the trigger on her father so she was angry. Alex and Nikita eventually reconcile. Alex then tries to take control of Zetrov after revealing that she is alive to the world. Ari Tasarov ordered Sergei to be killed, in hopes of Amanda and himself gaining Zetrov. Afterwards, Alex decides to hand over Zetrov to a close loyal family friend.

Season 3Edit

After Ryan Fletcher takes over Division, she is doubtful about keeping Division open but content to know that everyone will have a way out. But as time goes on, she begins to believe that Division is no different than from when it started. Alex secretly recruits other agents so that she can free them without anyone else being aware. She even goes as far as shooting Ryan so that he will no longer be able to lead Division and tell the others of her plan. After Sean's death, Nikita forces Alex to see that Amanda has messed with her mind

Season 4

Alex with sam 3x4

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