Greg Hillinger is a character from the 1990s series "La Femme Nikita".

Greg Hillinger was a hotshot hacker recruited as an operative for Section 1 who was later assigned to Berkhoff's mission support section.  Hillinger was a gifted hacker but his ego, particularly his overconfidence in his own intelligence and his chronic neglect of his duties, ultimately led to his downfall and cancellation.

During a mission in Bucharest described as "critical to the entire Near-East Hub" Hillinger completely neglected to program the custom interface Birkhoff needed to properly direct the egress of the Operatives in the field, resulting in the failure of the mission as well as the death of several Operatives including the team leader "Victor".

The very next mission, Berkhoff was needed on-site and Hillinger was assigned temporarily to Birkhoff's position. Hillinger used this as an opportunity to kil Birkhoff by revealing the location of the field team's van to the target as well as blinding the van's sensors, forcing Birkhoff to exit the van to attempt repairs.  Fortunately, Birkhoff was able to elude an investigating enemy guard long enough for Micheal to come to his rescue.

Immediately after this operation, Birkhoff recovered a log disk from the data center and confronted Hillinger in front of the rest of the department - and Operations. Furious, Birkhoff even admitted to Operations that he covered for Hillinger in the aftermath of the Bucharest operation.

As punishment for his actions, Hillinger was designated an "Abeyance" (suicide) operative.  Fortunately for him, Nikita helped him escape and due to a manpower crunch, Hillinger was assigned to a follow-up mission. Nikita tried to warn Hillinger of another attempt on his life, but was seemingly unsuccessful, as Hillinger was killed in an explosion.

However, Hillinger's death was revealed to be a ruse, andhe survived the explosion - apparently unharmed. George revealed to Operations that Hillinger had been placed as a mole in Section 1 to extract a secret document known as "the Gemstone file" - a written record of all of the "off-book" Section operations and non-section "resources" at Operations' disposal.

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