Lisa Han was the wife of Victor Han. She was portrayed by Laura Regan.


Nikita goes to a park and sees a little girl. She says to the mother that the girl looks like her dad. The mother, Lisa Han, sees Nikita and is stunned. She reaches for her gun and Nikita tells her to stop. She asks when Lisa started carrying a gun. Lisa says ever since Nikita killed her husband, Victor Han. Nikita says that Victor was trying to take down the Red Circle Triad and that she was sent in to kill him. Now, she is trying to take down the Triad but she needs Lisa and her daughter to go and be safe.

Nikita was the woman who wormed her way into Lisa's family and soullessly killed her husband six years ago. As part of her mission for Division, Nikita worked in the home of Lisa and Victor as a nanny for young Sophie Han, the girl from the park. During the mission, Michael reassured Nikita that Sophie and Lisa would be safe--only Victor was the target. When Nikita finds out that Victor is still alive and hunts him down, he says that he has a family in Hong Kong and that Sophie and Lisa were only his cover in the United States.

When Nikita visits Lisa again, she says that she is not going to tell Sophie about Victor and that Victor is dead. Lisa forgives Nikita and tells her to take Division down.

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