Michael Samuelle
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A former radical student activist whose protest group sparked the Paris Riots of 1984, Michal is blank-faced, seemingly emotionless and coldly efficient. Not long after being sent to prison, he is recruited into Section One and becomes one of their most successful and respected team leaders. However, a few years later, the apparent death of his wife, Simone — a fellow Section operative whom he married against the wishes of Operations and Madeline and (is revealed still to be alive early in the first season) who sacrifices her life to exact revenge on her abductor for her years of imprisonment and torture — profoundly affects him, and he completely shuts down emotionally, becoming almost an automaton. It is not until Nikita enters the organization that he begins to open up emotionally once again. Complicating their often difficult relationship is Michael's "blood cover" marriage to Elena Vacek, the daughter of a fearsome terrorist that Section One has pursued for decades. His son, Adam, is a product of that union.


He is quite accurate with firearms, almost never missing a shot. His accuracy is maintained while he is jumping or otherwise falling through the air.