Paul L. Wolfe
Birth date

Former Lieutenant Paul L. Wolfe was recruited into Section One against his will just before the fall of Saigon. While trying to escape from the city he is pursued by the Viet Cong and takes shelter in the cellar of an abandoned hut. He is rescued by a mysterious shining figure who identifies himself as "Sam Operations". The figure plunges an ice pick into Wolfe's heart and, using a straw inserted into the puncture hole, injects a liquid that knocks him out. Upon awakening Wolfe is detained by a Viet Cong soldier. Wolfe now gives his name as Paul Operations and the soldier, who had been about to execute him, fearfully lets him go. A shrewd and driven man, Operations eventually topples the founder and head of Section One, Adrian, seizing control of the organization himself. While giving lip service to the aims of Section — the eradication of terrorists and the protection of the innocent — Operations uses Section One as his own power base, gaining control over dictators in many regions of the globe. This lust for power brings him into direct conflict with George, head of Oversight, who despises him, and even Adrian returns from her forced retirement to mount an failed coup attempt against Operations. He is mistrustful of Nikita, and even attempts to kill her on a number of occasions, but is forced to accept her success at completing Section missions. He and Madeline make an effective partnership — including a brief romance. He is killed when he tries to rescue Michael's son from being kidnapped by the Collective, and later replaced by Nikita as the new Operations of Section One.

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