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Owen Elliot
Owen 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Sam Matthews
Status: Alive
Alias: Owen Elliot
Occupation: Field Agent

Soldier (former)

Organization: Division

First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (former)

Position/Rank: Guardian (former)
Cleaner (former)
Reaper (former)
Rogue (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Significant Others: Alex Udinov (Girlfriend)

[Emily Robinson]]† (Girlfriend deceased)

Character Information
Portrayed by: Devon Sawa
First appearance: "The Guardian"
Latest appearance: "Masks"
Appearance Count: 15

Owen Elliot is a recurring character on Nikita. A "cleaner" operative of Division, Owen works for Division until his fiancee, Emily, is killed in crossfire, much like Nikita's former fiancee, Daniel.

Even before he turns from Division, Percy had intended to kill Owen after his mission of obtaining one of Percy's black boxes for security reasons. When Emily is shot by one of Division's snipers, Owen tries to avenge her, and Division captures him. Nikita rescues him and talks him out of killing Percy, trying to get him to join her against Division. Nikita takes him back to treat his wounds although Owen struggles against her.

In Resistance, Nikita and Owen realize that it is he who killed Nikita's fiancee, leaving Nikita heartbroken again. After he expresses remorse, he escapes with the black box to get revenge on Percy alone.

In Dark Matter, Owen and Nikita team up again to find more Black Boxes and is captured by the US government. Later, when their mission is completed, he disappears again.

In Into The Dark, Nikita and Owen go to London to retrieve one of Division's black boxes, but then he tells Nikita he plans on releasing its contents to the public. Nikita disagrees. Owen turns on her.

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