Princess Kristina was married into the royal family of Georgia. She was portrayed by Béatrice Rosen.


Alex and Nikita are watching a show where the Prince and Princess of Georgia are promoting their tour of crown jewels in America. They explain that they both come from a line of royal bloodlines and that Princess Kristina is very proud of her heritage. Princess Kristina and Prince Eric were discussing the necklace that Princess Kristina is showing. Nikita finds out that Division is planning on assassinating Prince Eric. She goes in and gets chummy with Kristina telling her about the plot.

Turns out, Kristina’s loyalties lay elsewhere, and she was the one who wanted the prince dead. Kristina goes along with Nikita's plan to save him. Suddenly, Kristina's guard Anton comes from the back and tazes Nikita. Kristina tells him that they have to get rid of her. Soon catty Kristina is on the phone giving Percy an earful. He says that Nikita is a deserter and that if Kristina kills her, he will be happy. Alex and her assassination group head-in, guns a-blazing, and take all the attendees hostage including Kristina.

Meanwhile, Nikita and Eric are sneaking around, and he says that he is not surprised that Kristina was involved because he had told her that he was giving up being prince. He says that he doesn’t love Kristina, but he loves Leila, their assistant. He explains that he loved Lela before Kristina and he ever got married. Nikita patches into Lela’s headset. Eric tells her to be strong and that he will come to get her. Nikita takes the headset and says that Kristina is behind everything, that Alex is a friend of hers and to give her headset to Alex.

Alex plays it up when Kristina comes up with an idea of using her hubby’s girlfriend, Leila, as bait to lure out Nikita and the Prince from hiding. Since the Prince will not leave without Leila, Kristina decides to flush him out by pretending to kill Leila. Alex thinks quickly on her feet and breaks one of Leila's fingers so that Division and Kristina will not kill her. After they have been rescued by Nikita, the Prince gives a press conference about Kristina's deception and his duty as the prince, suggesting that perhaps he cannot be with Leila at the moment.

Nikita and Alex celebrate their win, and Kristina is put on trial for attempting to kill Prince Eric.

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