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This page is never going to be taken seriously unless some serious edits are done, especially to the main page. For one, the top of the page states something about a Nikita series from the 70's. There was NO series from the 70's. There was a series from 1997-2001 and then the new series starting in 2010. Also, I belive those links to the Nikita characters at the top of the page need to change to links to info about the entire series in general. Also, I strongly believe that the films "Point of No Return", "Black Cat" and "Black Cat 2" need to be added with the links to those other 3 Nikita's. Black Cat and Black Cat 2 were both remakes to the Nikita series released in China. Point of No Return was the American film remake staring Bridget Fonda. These edits seriously need to be made before this site can even be taken seriously. Johnlanigan 00:30, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

This page needs some major editing. Also, why does it say "Welcome to the Le Femme Nikita Wiki" if all we see is the 2010 Nikita? Some things need to be fixed but it'll take alot of effort and determination from other contributors.

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