The Next Seduction
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 14
Directed by David Soloman
Written by Carlos Coto
Production code 3X6264
Original air date February 10, 2011
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"The Next Seduction" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Nikita.


Ryan intercepts a message about a dangerous cutting edge weapon coming into the U.S., so he asks Nikita to help him stop the delivery. Nikita discovers the man bringing the weapon into the country is Voss, a man with whom she was forced to have a relationship while undercover at Division. She reluctantly resumes her alter ego to retrieve the missile. Meanwhile, Michael interferes in Alex's new life with Nathan.


Nikita and Michael are both intent on getting Alex to live the lie and warn her about becoming closer to Nathan. Michael comes by Alex's dinner date to imply that her line of work involves her being available to men. This brings a flashback to an old mission, showing Michael pimping Nikita to a guy named Voss.

Ryan Fletcher receives some information that directs him to Voss and his dealing with bombs. The CIA doesn't let him pursue Voss so he asks Nikita to do it for him. She dislikes the idea because it means revisiting that awkward part of her past but she agrees to do it. Voss isn't as bad as she remembers and is trying to get away from Gogol, the place where he designed the bomb, and is now stealing it in order to get amnesty from America. Voss convinces Nikita that he is doing something good, rather than evil and Nikita is convinced when Gogol tries to kill them.

They escape but must put up a fight. Percy ends up being the guy who planted the information that Ryan found. Division kills Voss and takes the bomb, but makes it look like Gogol did it. Ryan lets Gogol and Division fight it out while he gets the bomb to safety and is promoted for his hard work.

Nikita feels that her life has been mostly meaningless and that she has lived a mostly fake life instead of having real relationships. Ryan reassures her and they share a kiss.

Nikita tells Alex that she should go ahead and live her life, and Alex explains her complicated situation to Nathan.

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