Image wade
Biographical Information
Born: 1967
Status: Cancelled
Cause of Death: Shot by Michael
Occupation: Blackops Agent
Organization: Division
Position/Rank: Domestic Field Agent, Undercover
Specialty/Field: PSYOPs; Recruit Training; Strategy Analysis; Firearms
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
Nikita franchise: Nikita (CW series)
Portrayed by: Chance Kelly
Appears in: Innocence
Appearance Count: 1

Wade was a rogue Division agent who was loyal to Percy. He was one of the Dirty 30 agents who did not return after Ryan Fletcher and Nikita took over.

Wade has been training Liza Abbott as his own, personal recruit for two years by the time Division found them.

Wade was Division's top trainer, though everyone saw him as "the drill sergeant from hell". In 2002, after one of his trained recruits broke his perfect record for failing to complete his first kill mission, Wade beat the recruit to death, cancelling him on his own. Percy then reassigned him as a field agent in Boston, undercover as a travel agent, and was ultimately replaced by Michael in Division.

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